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Medical Device Companies with Neurotechnology

Company Description Example Products/Costs
Akili Interactive FDA-approved therapeutic video game to treat inattention.ADHD EndeavorRx, $1200/year
AlphaStim Cutaneous auricular stimulator for depression, anxiety, and insomnia AlphaStim $840
Apollo Neuro Wrist vibration to treat insomnia Apollo Neuro $350
Axonova Living peripheral nerve replacement Tissue Engineered Nerve Grafts
Beacon Machine learning minimal montage EEG as medication biomarker Beacon Platform, Dreem Headband
Bios Neural biomarker system  
Blackrock Neurotech Intracortical recording/stimulation Blackrock brain interfaces
Bioness Electrical stimulator for hand and foot H200 $5000, L300, $6000
Cellfbio Autologous muscle sphincter replacement to treat fecal incontinence BioSphincter
Cionic Electrical stimulator for foot drop Neural Sleeve $2600
Cognixion One Brain-computer interface with augmented reality offering speech and AI assistance Cognixion Headset
Elitac Vibration belt to help with stability, help sit-to-stand and decrease falls BalanceBelt $4400
Epic Neuro Cortical stimulation for stroke recovery EPIC Stimulator
Forest Neuro Implantable ultrasound recording and stimulation system Ultrasound Implant
Grapheton Carbon-based electrodes, circuits and batteries for bioelectronic brain implants Microelectrodes
Innercosmos Implant to treat depression Inner Digital Pill
Innervace Living electrodes to treat Parkinson’s Disease  
Iota Brain implant  
Microtransponder Vagus nerve stimulation for stroke recovery Vivistim
Myant Textile sensor system  
Myolyn Stationary leg-electrical-stimulation bicycle Myocycle home, $15,000
Myomo Powered orthosis for hand open/close + elbow flex/extend MyoPro $86,000
MyoVolt Vibration belts for pain relief Myovolt Leg, Shoulder, Back: $150; MyovoltArm: $130
Narbis Biofeedback for inattention (ADHD) $700
Neofect Wearable robotic hand for hand movement Neomano $2000, ExetnderPlus, $73
Neuralink Intracortical recording/stimulation Neuralink Brain Computer Interface
Neuralynx Transforming data acquisition and analysis technology ATLAS system, Netcom
Neuvana Cutaneous auricular stimulator for pain relief, focus, mood, sleep XEN $500
Neuvotion Muscle stimulator system  
NexStride Audiovisual cue system for walker/cain to help walking $500
OML Electrical stimulator for foot drop ODFS Pace XL $1400
Onward Medical Spinal cord stimulation for spinal cord injury recovery ARC systems
Ottobock Whole body electrical stimulator to treat spasticity ExoPulse Mollii Suit
Paradromics Brain-computer interface to provide technology for neurological conditions Connexus
Pixium Vision Artificial retinal system for those who have lost their sight PRIMA System
Precision Cortical recording for epilepsy and stroke Layer 7 Cortical Interface
Rain Energy efficient hardware for AI  
Reachneuro Spinal cord stimulation for stroke recovery  
Restorative Therapies Stationary leg-electrical-stimulation bicycle RT300 Leg/Core, $15,000
Runelabs Software supporting care delivery and therapy development for Parkinson’s Disease  
RxFunction Foot vibrator to help with balance after sensory loss due to diabetes or stroke Walkasins $4400
Saebo Electrical stimulation for spasticity, pain relief, and muscle strengthening SaeboStim Micro $300, SaeboStim One, $130
Sana Audiovisual stimulation for pain relief Sana Device, $1400/18 months
Somnee Headband to help sleep Smart Headband, Somnee App
SunKirb Home automation and assistive systems Amazon echo
Synchron Brain-computer interface designed to enable people to use their thoughts to control a digital device Synchron BCI
UprightGo Posture feedback trainer UprightGo 2, $80