Pediatrics Weakness or Paralysis Clinical Trial Seeking Participants

The Nemours Children’s Health Neuroscience team is looking for participants for a new clinical trial in partnership with Thomas Jefferson University and the Raphael Center for Neurorestoration part of the Jack and Vickie Farber Institute at  Neuroscience Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. Qualifying participants should have weakness or paralysis in one or both arms and be near or over the age of ten. The study will investigate if a person with weakness or paralysis in their arms can use the NuroSleeve to help restore or enhance movement in one arm sufficient to perform daily activities that are meaningful to the participant. Participants will receive up to three occupational therapy appointments per week, over maximum eight weeks. Scheduling may vary per participant.  Participants may keep the device at the end of the study.

Will your child be the first to participate?

For more information, please email with Nurosleeve in the subject or call 215-503-4042. For questions regarding the rights of research patients, call the Nemours Office of Human Subjects Protection: 302-298-7613 or email