Clinical Resources


Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) Paird with Therapy

The Center is implementing VNS therapy as the first FDA‐approved device for patients with chronic moderate to severe upper limb deficits from stroke.  This comprehensive service is now available at Jefferson.

Philadelphia Hand & Shoulder Limb Restoration Clinic

This Clinic treats all complex conditions that limit limb function resulting from congenital disorders, disease or traumatic injuries including restoration of nerve function

WVU Human Performance Innovation Center

The most unique aspects of this mission are the communities that partner with the RNI, known as AMP2.  AMP2 represents the Athletics, Military (and first responders), Patient, and general Population communities. While each of these communities have specific needs, there is an intersection in health, wellness, performance, and longevity that applies to all individuals. The Human Performance Innovation Center and all our partners are after improved “performance.”

VA Informatics & Computing Infrastructure

Veteran's Administration (VA) Informatics and Computing Infrastructure (VINCI) is an initiative to improve researchers' access to VA data and to facilitate the analysis of those data while ensuring Veterans' privacy and data security. VINCI welcomes all researchers in the VA community to explore the environment and tools available.